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Natural and organic rose and clay face mask
Australian natural and organic skincare face mask and cleanser


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A gentle blend of natural clays and rose petals to cleanse, balance and renew skin. Rose petals are rich in antioxidants, calm inflammation and are antimicrobial, helps to soothe and tone skin. Kaolin and bentonite clay exfoliate and cleanse, pulling out toxins and impurities. 

DIRECTIONS | A beautiful dusty rose colour and subtle rose scent, this face mask comes as a powder. Mix 1 tsp of clay to 1.5 tsp of water, mixing until its a smooth paste. For a nourishing, luxurious mask, try replacing water with raw honey, natural yogurt, a hydrosol, mashed avocado or a face serum, like our Botanical Elixir or a simple olive oil.

  • Natural and organic ingredients 
  • Lovingly handcrafted in small batches on the Bellarine Peninsula 
  • Cruelty free

INGREDIENTS | Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay and Rose Petal Powder*

*Certified Organic 

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